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make your own paper turkey party hat for kids on thanksgiving
What kid doesn't love a good party hat!? For Thanksgiving, we're making Turkey Party Hats! 🥳 Supplies Supplies in your kit Cone hat template on brown cardstock Feathers White, red, and orange cardstock Elastic string Supplies from home Scissors Black marker...
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Salt Crystal Leaves Experiment
One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is going on a walk after dinner with the family. I love the crisp fall air and the feeling that I'm working off some of those extra bites of delicious food. 😋 If your family...
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Pumpkin Pie Felt Garland
Supplies Supplies in your kit Orange felt triangles Tan felt triangles Tan felt strips White fluffy yarn strips Twine Supplies from home Glue (hot glue, fabric glue, or craft glue - the faster drying, the better) Scissors Instructions Step 1:...
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