Make Your Own Turkey Party Hat

make your own paper turkey party hat for kids on thanksgiving

What kid doesn't love a good party hat!? For Thanksgiving, we're making Turkey Party Hats! 🥳


Supplies in your kit

  • Cone hat template on brown cardstock
  • Feathers
  • White, red, and orange cardstock
  • Elastic string

Supplies from home

  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Glue, tape, stapler
supplies needed to make a paper turkey party hat


Step 1: Cut around the black outline on the brown cardstock.

paper turkey party hat outline

Step 2: Bring the two edges together to form a cone, making the tip as pointy as possible. I found it easiest to put one staple in the bottom to hold the sides in place and then tape them together. You could also choose to glue them if you have more patience than I or my toddler. See this tutorial for more instruction.

turkey party hat stapled

Tip: place the top of the staple (the smooth side) on the inside of the hat so that it doesn't rub heads or hair. You can also choose to remove it after you've secured the sides together.

turkey party hat taped

Step 3: Punch a hole in opposite sides of the cone to string through the elastic to form a chin strap. I used a sharp pointed pen to poke the two holes, but use what's handy. The holes should be just big enough for the elastic to slide though. You could also use ribbon or yarn to make the straps if you preferred.

turkey hat hole punch
turkey hat holes

Step 4: Then push one end of the elastic through one hole from the outside of the cone to the inside and triple knot. Bring the other end around and do the same thing on the other side, adjusting the length of the elastic to fit your child's head.

turkey hat string
turkey hat elastic strap

Step 5: Now it's time to decorate! Begin by gluing or taping the feathers onto the back of the hat. Again, I chose to tape instead of glue for a quicker assembly and less mess.

turkey hat feathers
turkey hat feathers taped

Step 6: Have your little cut out two circles from the white paper and color in the pupils with a black marker. Then cut out the wattle from the red paper. Admittedly, I didn't know the red dangly part of a turkey was called a wattle, so feel free to refer to the anatomy diagram from the Dickinson County Conservation Board below.

a diagram of the anatomy of a turkey

Step 7: To make the beak, fold the orange paper in half and cut out a triangle with the base on the fold. Voila! You have a turkey beak.

turkey hat face

Step 8: Tape or glue on the eyes, the wattle, and then the beak. If you'd like to use tape, fold it over several times to create your own double-sided tape. It actually works great and no drying time. 🙌

turkey hat double-sided tape

Now wear your turkey hat proudly, preferably while doing the other fun activities we have planned! 🦃

Thanksgiving Paper Turkey Party Hat for Kids

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